Letter to My Political Representatives: Help, Democracy is Slipping Away!

An open letter sent to my political representatives:

  • President Biden
  • Vice President Harris
  • Senator Warren
  • Senator Markey
  • Congresswoman Pressley
  • Governor Healey
  • MA State Senator Jehlen 
  • MA State Representative Uyterhoeven
  • Somerville Mayor Ballantine 

Re: The Future of Democracy in America

This July 4th holiday sees America’s democracy slipping away.

America experienced an insurrection three and a half years ago, and the individual who precipitated this treasonous event—Donald Trump—has not been held accountable; nor will he be held accountable before the next election. To date, our legal system has failed us.

Truth has been made fungible, the press has been emasculated, and the Republican Party has been captured by insurrectionists. 

On July 1, 2024, the final pillar of our democracy fell when the US Supreme Court abdicated its responsibility to the US Constitution, effectively making the President “a king above the law.”

Trump and Putin’s endgame is now within reach. Should Trump re-inhabit the White House, I am certain he will remain in office beyond his legitimate tenure, as he attempted to do once before. Democracy as we know it will end, and his political opponents will live in fear.

Now, only the 2024 election stands between a bleak political future and democracy.

My only priority for this upcoming election is the preservation of democracy. No other policy issue is a greater priority; human rights, financial issues, civil rights, environmental issues, immigration, global affairs, and equity—all must take a back seat to the preservation of democracy. If democracy is lost, these issues will assuredly be resolved for the worse, for decades. It is only through the preservation of democracy that we will be able to effectively address these issues during a future legislative session. I would even vote for a far-right Republican, like former Congresswoman Liz Cheney, if that’s what it will take to preserve our democracy. 

I implore you to use all your political capital to do whatever is necessary to preserve democracy in America. 

Thank you for your service to our country.  I hope you have an enjoyable and meaningful July 4th celebration with your families.


Hayward Zwerling

2 July 2024

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