Bedford to Boston by Bike

One can now cycle the 16 miles between Boston and Bedford on a dedicated bike path!!

Beginning at the terminus of the Minuteman Bikeway, Depot Park in Bedford, MA, the route will serially traverse Bedford, Lexington, Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston utilizing the Minuteman Bikeway, Somerville Community Path and Community Path.

This Youtube video compresses the entire 75 minute ride into an 8 minute music video:

Bedford to Boston by Bike.

To read a short essay about this ride, visit: The Joys of Cycling the Somerville Community Path / Minuteman Bikeway

Ride on…

Hayward Zwerling

19 June 2023

Map of ride from Bedford to Boston
Minuteman Bikeway, summer
Minuteman Bikeway, autumn
Minuteman Bikeway, sunrise
Minuteman Bikeway, 30 minutes before sunrise
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