My Woodworking Creations

After I finished my formal education and training to be a physician, which included college, graduate school, medical school, internship/residency, and fellowship, I decided I needed a hobby.

In 1989, precisely when I finished my fellowship, WGBH began a new TV series called The New Yankee Workshop in which Norm Abrams taught the viewer how to do woodworking, much like Julia Child’s The French Chef taught people how to cook.

In the very first episode Norm (who was clearly learning how to do woodworking while he was hosting the show) taught the viewer how to make a simple work bench for one’s woodworking shop. By the end of the first episode I was hooked. I went out and purchased my first woodworking tool, a table saw.

Since then almost every new project was used as a justification to acquire a new tool. Initially I justified the expense associated with the acquisition of all these tools and wood as a way to maintain my mental health. I told my friends “doing working is a less expensive way of maintaining my mental health than seeing a psychiatrist.” Over the years I have discovered that the psychiatric option would have been the less expensive option but it would not have provided the creative outlet and “problem solving” opportunities that come from making things from wood.

You can see my woodworking creations at

Hayward Zwerling

26 August 2022


Movie of George the Giraffe and Big Poppy: Giraffes in motion


Teak and ebonized mahogany dresser:

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