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 My Retirement Diary

About My Retirement Diary

We cannot understand what we don’t measure. (paraphrasing Lord Kelvin, 1883)

I believe I can design a “better” retirement if I periodically “measure” my retirement. Or at least that is my working hypothesis.

I intend to use this diary as a tool to publicly investigate that hypothesis.

Toward that end, I wrote two articles about my retirement on this blog.

I have posted My Retirement Diary here —> My Retirement Diary

About the format of My Retirement Diary:

The first entry in my diary was created when I woke on the first day of my retirement, 12/22/2023. That entry will be at the bottom of the page. The most recent entry will always be at the top of this page. While I add entries to my diary at least several times a week, the public version of My Retirement Diary will be updated episodically.

Regarding grammatical errors:

It is my intent to record the day’s events and/or my thoughts as expeditiously as possible; grammar is not a significant priority. So be grammatically forgiving.

Regarding privacy issues:

I have endeavored to protect the privacy of those mentioned in this diary by omitting surnames. If you feel that there is a privacy breach, please let me know and I will promptly make amends.

Hayward Zwerling

28 April 2023

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